Falling prey to negative stereotypes, women over forty have often felt powerless to control how we age and felt helpless when faced with the inevitable transitions we all make in midlife. The mission of 40 Plus and Fabulous LLC  is to assist women over forty with the renewal of self-worth, self-growth, and continued progression and development as we rewrite the rulebook on aging.

Our passion is for the wholeness of women; for helping women rise to the occasion of living and loving their whole life, not just the first half of it.

In having the privilege of spending time with hundreds of 40+ women, we realized that every moment a woman somewhere is questioning herself. She may be seated across from you, she may be standing beside you — she may be you. She feels invisible. She thinks it’s too late for her. She believes her time has come and gone. Our goal is to make sure she knows it’s a lie! We exist to help women rediscover themselves through brand new eyes, celebrating life after 40, and embracing the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond as powerful, productive, satisfying years to relish and enjoy.

The 40+ and Fabulous™ Movement is on fire! We’re tearing down stereotypes and breaking down walls to ignite the beautiful, limitless, ageless potential of YOU!

Eradicating aging fears for future generations, and restoring women’s honor and rightful place in the world as they mature through the years, also means reaching back and connecting with our young women. Helping them to love and appreciate the women they are today, and teaching them to look forward, with eager anticipation, to the women they will someday be, is at the forefront of our mission. In this way, we truly leave a legacy and a gift for women of the future.