40 Plus and Fabulous LLC is a provider of group and one-on-one coaching services, informational products, boot camps, workshops, conferences and excursions to assist women in removing any obstacles that would keep them from moving forward fierce, focused and full of life!

Our wildly popular FabU Academy Women’s Conference is a place for women 40+ to laugh, learn, connect, share, and receive the tools, resources, inspiration and support to make the second half of life – – the best half of life.

We are proud to have added to our initiative the FabU Academy Teen Girls Conference, in an effort to help emerging women build positive self-images, develop a strong self-worth and lead full, exuberant and successful lives.

Our 3rd Annual FabU Academy Conference will be held on Saturday March 8, 2014. Visit http://fabuacademy.com for more details!





What People Are Saying…

quotemarkWe were so grateful to have you as the keynote speaker at our Annual Directors Retreat. Each and every one of the attendees has spoken so highly of you, and your warm and compassionate style. Words cannot express my appreciation for your time and effort in preparing, traveling and presenting to our group.”  – Nancy  Micca, Co-Director, Family Support Network of Central Carolina 


quotemarkThank you Sondra for everything. The women had a great time and were talking all day yesterday about the event. Thank you for providing a great women’s activity. We look forward to working with you in the future. - Charmaine Gatlin, Sr. Vice President of Operations, 100 Black Men of America


quotemarkYou were a hit! OK…so I knew the teachers and administrators would love you. That was a given. And I was pretty sure that the kids would, because you have the type of personality that pretty much transcends ages…but when my girls got in the car after school yesterday, and started talking about this “COOL SPEAKER” they had at the academic celebration…I was so excited!! They had no idea I had arranged for you to be there. SO when I told them.. they were all “you KNOW her??” I also received so many compliments about you from the teachers and the principal even said you were probably the best speaker they ever had!!”Cindy Farmer, Anchor, Fox 8 Morning and Noon News


quotemarkRespectful, supportive and sharp-as-a-whip, Sondra exudes the confidence of a woman who knows who she is and what she wants. Thanks so much for providing a safe and confidential environment for the women in our organization to come alive by expressing who they are what they are experiencing and how they are feeling.Phyllis Avery Operations Manager. Citi Cards